A Retirement Resort for the Birds!
Picnic at Roostersong

Picnic at Roostersong

Roostersong Sanctuary is my small self-funded vegetarian chicken and bird sanctuary located in northern California.


Mated female doves Serj & Sera

Our mission is to provide lifelong care for chickens, turkeys, doves and pigeons with a special focus on roosters and factory farmed hens. The sanctuary also creates community outreach programs and educational materials to help bring about a broader understanding and appreciation of chickens and other domestic birds.


Lavender heritage turkey, Mr. Merlin Virgil

How we began: In the early 1980’s I came across a storefront butcher shop in San Francisco that was selling live chickens. The birds looked so miserable I was compelled to purchase two which I brought home on the train in the only carrier I had- a paper grocery bag. I felt terrible about the ones that were left behind and wishing I had an appropriate safe haven the idea of Roostersong Sanctuary was born (hatched actually!).

A relaxing afternoon at the Buk Buk B&B

A relaxing afternoon at the Buk Buk B&B

Some of the current residents include six roosters adopted from the Humane Society, two doves that arrived as injured fledglings, and six factory farmed hens bound for the slaughterhouse. Once birds come to Roostersong they are able to peacefully live out the rest of their lives. Although residents are not up for adoption, the sanctuary gratefully accepts sponsorship of individual birds to help with feed, shelter, supplies, veterinary care and other expenses. With current resources the sanctuary is limited to caring for only a maximum of twenty-four birds. As chickens may live 15-20 years we rarely have openings available to take in new birds. Due to the overwhelming need for good homes we encourage people who want to keep chickens to adopt from rescue organizations and humane societies rather than purchase from breeders. Homes for roosters are especially in short supply (we currently have eleven roosters residing at Roostersong).


Birds form relationships with each other which should be considered and respected when making decisions about their care.

 Thank you for your interest in Roostersong Sanctuary and for caring about chickens!

-Singing Luna


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