CHICKENurture is a blog dedicated to appreciating, caring for, respecting and nurturing chickens!

Chickens have been linked to human history since the first jungle fowl was domesticated around 3000 BC. In ancient cultures rooster images can be found in art and architecture as symbols of beauty, sexuality, bravery and resurrection. Throughout history humans have justified acts of cruelty toward others by first degrading and devaluing them. This degradation is reflected in culture and language with such terms as “chicken” (coward), “fowl” (rotten), “dumb cluck”, “bird brain”, etc. In America chickens are literally “trashed”: Over 250 million male baby chicks are “discarded” by gassing and suffocation each year in the United States by hatcheries and the egg industry. Worldwide 50 billion chickens are slaughtered annually. Collectively they are the most oppressed creatures on the planet.

Chickens are wonderful beings with personality, wit and courage deserving our respect and admiration.

This blog will feature articles on:

  • Chicken Care including housing, feed and health issues.
  • Chickens in art and architecture, history, culture, myth, and traditions.
  • News and updates from the Roostersong Sanctuary retirement residents.
  • Videos, music, cartoons and photos of chickens.
  • Chicken facts and information on personality, language and behavior.
  • Tips on how you can help chickens.
  • Links to other resources.

Thanks for visiting!


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  1. I managed to get a batch of energy bars done, and the new cards with a new vegan message on the back are going to be ready by Monday. We could swing by later today with the energy treat and say hi to the chickens.
    We really had a great time Thursday night, thanks for staying so long, I hope we didn’t wear you out.
    Please call or email.
    We’ll be out and around today.


  2. Ray, I was so delighted to meet you and your wife! Thank you for your kind and very generous offer to donate organic feed. I would love to introduce you to the residents of Roostersong and will call you to make arrangements for a visit.


  3. We met yesterday at the conscious eating seminar.
    Could you please contact me. I would like to visit your sanctuary. We happen to be buying organic feed for our chickens this week and we wondered if we could stop by and bring feed with us.

    Thank you


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